Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bye bye pixels

The design world is about to hit a disruptive shift in technology.

Digital displays have always been pretty low resolution. These days average monitor hovers around 120PPI. (Pixels Per Inch is the number of pixels on your screen in an inch) The average printed magazine is about 300DPI (Dots Per Inch is the printed equivalent to PPI).

This is all about to change. The Motorola Droid has a pixel density of 250PPI and the new iPhone is rumoured to have a resolution of 326PPI.

What all of this means, is that for the first time, screens are going to be of a higher quality than the printed page. For designers, this will be a seismic shift. There’s been a very traditional print to screen workflow for the last few years, where high resolution printed material comes first and then to screen design. This will be a radical shift that will have a huge impact, particularly for graphic designers working in the print medium, as they will start to be involved later in the design process than before.

For screen based designers, this will mean that we may not need to think of designs at the pixel level any more.

For everyone else, this means that reading on screen, particularly on mobile devices, is going to feel better and more natural than ever before, and digital displays will finally compete with the printed page.


Posted by Kevin on 05/20 at 09:19 PM
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